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17 Best Men’s Rugby Shirts in 2022 to Tighten Up Your Wardrobe



Rugby is a game of contrasts, and the best rugby shirts reflect this duality. On the one hand, it is a sport practiced almost exclusively by men of build like the rock, who bump into each other again and again with the constant rage and general chaos of a hotly contested round of hungry hippos. On the other hand, it was invented by a group of students at a British boarding school, which means it has all the private etiquette and collective traditions of something like straight baked rowing.

Rugby shirts, likewise, are built thick and tough to survive opponents pulling them for 80 straight minutes, but they’re also as polished and hardened as their close relative polo shirt. It is a very versatile Swiss knife: you can throw it on your own jeans or sport or shortsor you can make it into almost any position where you wear a V-neck Jacket (Think a button-down or under a jacket) to give your look more solidity.

Bottom line, you need one. And, don’t you know it, your friends in GQ I did all the heavy lifting for you. Make one of the best men’s rugby shirts below, wear it with everything, and win compliments. Simply. on Scrum.

Choose your first trusted

The iconic Ralph Lauren rugby polo shirt

Want something classic, new, and built to last? Go with Ralph Lauren. And as you might expect, Polo Ralph Lauren’s rugby shirt is semi-finished: the stripes are thick, the burly knit, the buttons are elastic (to keep it from showing in the middle of the interference), the collar is begging to be popped. But the biggest selling point of all is the fit – snug but not too tight, with enough room to comfortably fit one of Ralph’s iconic Oxford shirts underneath.

Choosing the esteemed rebel

Noah Quarter zip rugby pullover

At the heart of the recent renaissance of middle school is Noahthe brand that has been inspiring cool downtown men to dress like the private schools they’ve been turning down since 2015. So when designer Brendon Babenzien (formerly known as streetwear’s crown jewel) makes rugby, you know it’s not going to be a simple recreation For some Ivy Leaguer who earned his Bachelor’s in ’66. This Canadian-made joint replaces traditional studs with a sleek zip and adds a hoodie-like kangaroo pocket, giving the previous staple a much-needed jolt of energy designed to appeal to fresh graduates and dropouts alike.


Choice 75 and Humid

Todd Snyder Chest Striped Rugby Shirt

Todd Snyder’s penchant for breathing new life into the menswear hall of fame indisputablewhether that Suede trucker jackets or slimmed down corduroy suit, suitable for the office. The warm gray cotton makes this rugby more like the best heavy-duty T-shirt, while still having all the typical cues you’d expect from a rugby shirt – a contrast collar and slit, and those huge horizontal stripes.

Archive selection

Striped G-ball rugby shirt

Are you eager to take advantage of the unique aesthetic of Brendon Babinsian at an even more affordable price? J.Crew where Babenzien is currently driving the ship As a creative director for men – it must be your favourite one stop. Inspired by the brand’s ’80s-era archives, this rugby shirt raises the bar in its already colorful display by doing so with five (!) colors packed into one bold flag-like design, then rotating the traditional 90-degree horizontal lines for more Excitement. The result is a statement piece that you’ll want to wear all fall, and for less Benjamin, then.

Choose the far right now

Rowing Blazers ’70s Striped Rugby Shirt

Rowing Blazers have made their name on the originals of popular sportswear, from David Hockney’s striped rugby jerseys to Princess Diana’s cute jumpers. So he traces that this rugby shirt looks exactly like the version your dad wore in the ’70s, right down to the basic color scheme and the big chest strap. And because it’s made of 14 ounces, it’s very fat. Cotton, it will last long enough to become a vintage shoe your kids will want to inherit.

The classic choice as it comes

If you’re looking for authenticity, the Barbarian is the way to go – the company’s ultimate gear has been tested on stadiums around the world for four decades and still stands. The brand’s rugby shirts are made in Canada with a 12 oz. It’s fleece and has all the detailing you’d expect from a shirt designed to follow you into battle – which means it’ll hold up well when it escorts you to the farmer’s market, too.

Plus 12 other rugby shirts we love

Classic Kings of NY Rugby Jersey

Certainly not your forever rugby, but it’s a good cheap way to test the waters.

Fucking awesome striped rugby shirt sponsored

What do you call a well-behaved rugby with some bad graphics? Hint: it’s all in the name.

The Times Murrayfield rugby shirt

A rugby shirt fit for a king.

Banana Republic rugby shirt

Remove all those streaks, lettering, and stains, and you’re left with a shirt that will look great with whatever you throw at it this fall.

Men’s Patagonian Cotton in Medium Weight Conversion Rugby Shirt

Trail-ready rugby is made from organically sourced cotton and kindness to Mother Nature, and crafted in the colors you might see outside.

Abercrombie & Fitch striped long-sleeved rugby polo shirt

Back to school player presents a great looking rugby game that costs almost as much as a notebook and pencils.


Abercrombie and Fitch


Braindead rugby shirt

You don’t have to be a magician to pull off these Gryffindor-y colors – just pair them with some solid-colored chinos and call them a day.

Aspesi blue and red long-sleeved rugby polo

Comfortable knit cotton probably won’t hold up amid a real piece of fabric—but under a navy blue coat this fall, bold stripes are a powerful move.

Tommy Hilfiger Tommy Hilfiger skater rugby polo

Dropped shoulders and an old school pattern on the sleeves mean there’s nothing wrong with this rugby for something you wear because you have to.

J-Press striped rugby shirt

These days, rugby shirts come in all sorts of outdoor color combinations, but it’s hard to beat the blue-on-blue versatility.

Wrangler Roger Heavy for Unisex

What happens when an East Coast staple makes a trip to the West? Rugby wears with skinny jeans and cowboy boots.

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